Full Christmas preparation is underway in the M household!


Decorating for Christmas has given me something to focus on and to not allow CRPS to dictate my life.

This year I forged hanging up ornaments due to mobility issues in my right hand which makes holding objects difficult. Instead I unconventionally displayed ornaments that were special to my husband and I in a bowl. I am keeping the rest of our ornaments safe in bubble wrap for next year when I have hope that I will be able to hang them on my tree.


My decorating has been a group effort with help from my husband, father-in-law, and friends. While I wasn’t able to physically help with erecting the Christmas tree (one of my favorite parts), I found ways to utilize winter objects as decor. Ice skates, evergreen trees, snow globes, candy canes, pine-cone DIY garland, boxes wrapped as presents, and chicken wire frames for our cards.

By doing little things everyday to make our house festive I’ve found that if I focus on one thing that makes me happy or grateful each day I am not allowing CRPS to control my life.

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