As part of my CRPS I have inflammation in all my joints as well as the areas that are affected by CRPS (left foot, right arm, right eye). I have found that a strict anti-inflammation diet has significantly reduced my swelling and improved my energy levels that were reduced from the chronic fatigue that accompanies CRPS.

It was initially a struggle to get started. I was skeptical that gluten, sugar, caffeine, etc. were increasing my swelling. At first it was much easier to blame my invisible disease, CRPS. But as my great friend Amelia reminded me, CRPS doesn’t dictate my life. Choosing to go anti-inflammatory was a way for me to regain some control over my body.

I did a lot of research on anti-inflammatory diets, cross-referencing to determine which foods were “good” and which were “bad”. Finding recipes for meals was another challenge. It took hours upon hours to compile enough recipes. (It might have been less time, but with chronic fatigue it seemed to take an incredibly long time!) Then it took some time to weed through these recipes to determine which ones my husband would eat since I was not about to make two meals every night. Also which ones I would eat because seriously I’m not about to eat kale. Kudos for those who do!

We LOVE pizza, boneless wings, salsa and chips, you get the picture. This new eating lifestyle is an adjustment to say the least. An adjustment that we are both still making. Coffee is my biggest weakness. Having worked at Starbucks and having been a college student solidified my love for this magical, warm concoction. I’ve been working on cutting back and substituting tea, but it’s been a struggle and I can tell the difference in my swelling and pain levels on the days I don’t stick to my anti-inflammatory foods. My husband doesn’t eat full anti-inflammatory and I don’t expect him to. He has been encouraging, patient, and eats my anti-inflammation meals when I cook them for dinners.

Holidays are also a struggle. This I found out first hand this past Christmas. I don’t expect my family and friends to change their eating habits or planned meals for me. But my choices can be severely limited. Or if I decide to go rogue out of complete hunger I pay for it the next few days by in. Bringing some of snacks along has helped (nuts, dried and fresh fruit are easy to transport) and doesn’t make me feel so isolated in the “sick bubble”.

I remind myself I am taking control of this disease by controlling what I’m putting into my body.



I stock most of my home with Amazon’s help. Below are links to my suggestions to start your own anti-inflammatory pantry.

To keep on hand for meals:



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10 thoughts on “Using Food to Fight Disease

  1. Loads of really good suggestions here, thank you so much for sharing what works for you, it’s helped to give me a few more ideas! I don’t drink coffee but I do drink green tea, I never know if this is good for fighting inflammation or not as I read so much conflicting information!


  2. Great list! My inflammation is out of control and I need to change my diet in addition to my medical treatments… It’s definitely hard since all of the delicious stuff is in the inflammatory category!


  3. Putting lemon, lime, or grapefruit oil in your water on a daily basis is also great for cleansing your body. Incorporating apple cider vinegar into your diet on a daily basis is also extremely good for keeping your body more alkaline. A great recipe for apple cider vinegar lemonaid: 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup 100% lemon juice, a couple tiny scoops of stevia in the raw, fill remainder of pitcher with water. Stir, refrigerate and let sit before drinking.


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