Let me first introduce you to Heather Avis. While I’ve only interacted with her on the internet and followed along as she tweets and Instagrams, I can tell you this: she is a strong, God-fearing, amazing mama bear. Heather and her husband adopted all three of their beautiful children, two of which have Down syndrome.

To me that takes an incredible person. A person willing to listen to God, to make children your own, and give them a home. Even more so, adopting a child you know will need extra medical care, love, and attention. Heather doesn’t ask for praise but approaches each day with her children as a blessing, which to me just affirms her moral character. End of fan girl moment and on to why this post is relevant. Heather wrote a book, The Lucky Few, that is being released March 21!

I recently was able to review a pre-launch copy as part of Heather’s launch team. The Lucky Few blew me away from the introduction. Heather is relatable as if she’s on the couch next to you. She’s blatantly honest about her fertility struggles, learning to cope with society’s views, and opening her heart to God’s plans for her family. 

The Lucky Few isn’t just for women who struggle with fertility or adoption or even just women. Heather shows through her journey very relatable revelations. She challenges you to examine your life and let God take control. To give up your plan for the perfect family, or in my case I found myself reflecting on how I planned my “normal” life should have gone before chronic illness. 

I felt like Heather in The Lucky Few was chatting over coffee with me as I would with any of my gal pals. She was down to Earth and made me examine my own struggles. The Lucky Few is a book I would reccoment to mothers, moms-to-be, chronic illness sufferers, and the average joe.

Pre-order on Amazon or at theluckyfewbook.com

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