The experience of pain from a light touch or other non-painful stimuli that should not cause touch.

My complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) comes along with allodynia. Breeze, tight or scratchy clothing, bumps during car rides, brushing my hair, human touch. All cause excruciating, sharp pain in my CRPS affected areas thanks to allodynia.

My left foot, my right hand, and behind my right eye are affected by CRPS. During horrible flares I can not stand to wear socks or anything other than loose clothing. Yoga pants, loose shirts, and pillows are my best friends. I use pillows, lots and lots of pillows to cushion my overly-sensitive areas. During one of my worst flares I was using five to six pillows to cushion myself during car rides.

Due to the over-sensitivity that comes with CRPS I often shrink away from people’s outstretched hands, pats on the back, and hugs. It’s not always a conscious flinch, but the shrink has caused me to retreat to my own “sick island”.

An island where no one can touch me.

As cliche as it sounds, I did not realize how crucial hugs were until I stopped receiving them. I’ve come to realize that I don’t feel as close to my husband or family when I’m alone on my island. CRPS can rob parts of your life from you, but this part I am not allowing.

Allydonia doesn’t mean don’t touch me. It means to be a little more careful around me. I’ve come to realize even when it hurts I don’t want to be alone on my “sick island” and I still want (gentle) hugs.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Touch

  1. it is such an awful part of CRPS. I fight so hard against the Allodynia but at times have been hurting so bad that when people entered my bedroom during a flare, I would sit up and scream “don’t touch me feet!”… they were at least 10 feet away… funny looking back but it is miserable! sending gentle hugs!


  2. Thank you so much for participating in our chronic pain & chronic illness link up party at The Unbroken Smile. I’m sure our community will love your article, thanks so much for sharing! Please join us again next week. ((Gentle Hugs))


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