One part of CRPS and chronic illness that I had not anticipated was the amount of pills and supplements.

Take with food…Take three times daily…Take as needed…May make nauseous…Take at bedtime…Avoid driving until you know how you are affected by this medication…

So many instructions and so many pills!


The past six weeks I’ve been using the Pill Drill. I received this product complementary, but opinions in this article are my own. The Pill Drill arrived in a gorgeous light blue box with packaging akin to Apple’s.



Pill Drill comes with the hub which is about the size of my hand, see picture below. The hub easily plugs into the wall and syncs with the app on your phone. The app sends you reminders based on the medicine schedule you input. It also tracks your medicine intake and mood based on mood cube scanning. The hub uses scanning tags or pill organizing cubes from the strip based on which you’d prefer to use. The scanning tags either stick to pill bottles or wrap around odd shaped medicines such as inhalers or sprays. The pill organizing strip, which is what I’ve come to prefer, are more like a traditional pill organizer but I have found them to be easier to open especially on days when I am mobility impaired.



5 Things I loved about Pill Drill:

  1. Comes with app that reminds and tracks your meds
  2. You can choose to use tracking tags or pill organizers to organize and track your meds
  3. Allows tracking at individual or family basis
  4. Easy to travel with the pill organizing strips
  5. Ability to have multiple pill organizing strips for different frequencies of med dosages


5 Things I would change about Pill Drill:

  1. The app’s medicine cabinet doesn’t allow logging of meds in pill organizing strip
  2. The Pill Drill Hub’s blue light is BRIGHT, even on low
  3. No way to track pain location, pain level, or symptoms in app
  4. There is a mood cube, but I’d find a pain level cube to be more helpful
  5. During my mobility impaired days I find it hard to clip/undo the travel strips on the pill organizing strip


You can find the Pill Drill here

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