The past two months or so I’ve been using Quell. I was offered Quell in exchange for a review article, but the opinions in this post are still my own. If you’ve kept up with my blog you know I will try about anything to relieve my chronic pain from CRPS. After all– what’s the harm?

First, a little bit about Quell: Quell is a wireless device that attaches to a strip of four electrodes which you adhere one to two inches below your knee. Quell works through stimulating sensory nerves to use your body’s own natural neural signals to block pain. Using Bluetooth, Quell communicates to the app on your smartphone. The app tracks your therapy sessions, pain levels, and steps. I found Quell to be unique and innovative.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.51.47 PM
Courtesy of Quell Relief


When my Quell arrived I was forewarned that it could take four to six weeks to feel any pain relief. Knowing that there was minimal side effects as Quell uses your own neural signals I was content waiting for the device to “work its magic.” My experience wearing Quell was mixed. I work in a laboratory where I have to have my legs covered each day and I found it hard to hide the device, as it is worn one to two inches under the knee. I enjoyed that I did not have to worry or think about starting the therapy sessions as the user-friendly app and device turn on every other hour. I did find that it took around a month to feel any relief from Quell and that my relief of two to four pain levels, depending on the day, came after four hours of therapy (eight hours of wearing the device!) As it took so long each day to feel some pain relief, I found that my skin was extra sensitive (increased allodynia) and was irritated at the spot of the electrode attachment.

Chronic illness is expensive, more than I had anticipated. The price point is not one I would be comfortable with. Quell is not a device that I would personally purchase at $249 for the starter kit (includes the Quell device, two electrode strips, charger, and wearable band). The replacement electrode strips are required to be replaced every 14 days, which the app tracks for you so you don’t have to even think about it. The strips are $29.95 for four (one month supply), $84.95 for twelve (three months supply), but Quell runs frequent sales where you can get the strips at a discounted rate. I like my Quell and will continue to use it, but overall the price point makes me apprehensive.

What I love about Quell:

  • Lowered my pain 2 to 4 pain levels (after 4 hours of therapy)
  • Minimal side effects
  • Little thinking needed on your part! Quell turns on and off on it’s own every hour to deliver your therapy session
  • Amazing App!

What I’m not a fan of:

  • Made my skin itchy and sensitive where the sensors attached after a few hour
  • Pricey! Both the start up cost and to keep replacing the electrodes every 14 days.
  • Difficult to hide underneath clothing
  • Takes about a month to start feeling effects of Quell

Even though my Quell Relief trial for my blog review is over, I am still using Quell. There is no magical or singular cure for CRPS, or chronic pain for that matter. However, I have found in combination with other treatments, Quell helps to relieve some of the worse pain during my CRPS flare ups.


Try Quell and experience relief from your chronic pain!

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