I’ve been like a toddler, seeing just how many buttons I can push. How many spoons can I borrow from the next day and the next and the next before I induce a flare. See I have this theory lately or maybe it’s more like a goal. Right now I’d rather be in pain and have adventures than be at a tolerable level of pain, seeing as I’m in pain everyday anyways, and stay at home.

In the past month of living this way I’ve gone to birthday parties, met friends for coffee, gone for happy hour with my dog (dog beer if you will), visited St. Paul, spent a rainy morning rummage sale-ing, enjoyed a family holiday, planted in my garden, joined my friend’s book club, had weekend guests, scrapbooked, taken my dog for a walks, went to family brunch, and planned a housewarming party.

But I’ve also spent many of my afternoons after work resting, my weekends in a flare-induced haze, and been in so much pain I can’t move.

2 thoughts on “Living on borrowed spoons

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