Looking back I started showing symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome (crps) years ago. These symptoms were not full blown until fall of 2015 and then debilitating in fall of 2016.

The most frustrating and down right soul crushing part of this time period was 1) being told my symptoms were in my head or made up 2) being undiagnosed, not having a name for the beast taking my life away.

During this diagnostic period multiple doctors performed multiple tests. Diagnostic test varied from imaging to procedures to blood tests. As crps is a diagnosis of exclusion meaning all other diagnosis have to be excluded first, the diagnosis period can seem to go on forever.

I found that researching my symptoms and possible diagnostic tests gave me some sort of purpose while I was nonfunctional from pain in my bed. It allowed me to advocate for myself and have a voice in my patient care.

Diagnosis {part 2} coming soon.

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