My experience being in Grüenthal’s neridronic acid clinical trial for diagnosed CRPS patients has been such an adventure. More on the experience here: Being a guinea pig {my clinical trial experience} and the scientific basis for the trial here: Clinical trial.

Nothing can prepare you for the expectations that come with participating in a clinical trial. Hope or disappointment are not a side effects listed on the side of a prescription bottle.

My clinical trial experience in pictures:


Vitals and EKGs all day, every day…


The 1 liter of fluid we traveled 100 miles for.


Hotel stays with handsome hubby.


Handsome hubby and I ventured out whenever we could, before the side effects hit me.


My amazing besties who took care of critter while handsome hubby and I were away. (Thanks again gorgeous ladies!!)

Being diagnosed with crps has really tested my faith, personal relationships, and career. It has been the most difficult adversity I’ve had encounter in my life so far.

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