Anger, sadness, self-pity, feeling unjust come to mind when I think about living with the most painful condition known to the medical community but blessed was not one until recently.

For me complex regional pain syndrome (crps) overtook my life in my early twenties. The point of my life where I was a newlywed starting my career. Being in 24/7 pain was not even a possibility that had crossed my mind.

Getting diagnosed with CRPS opened up another stage in my life, my chronic life. Knowing what was making me so extremely sick allowed for me to grieve the loss of healthy me, to learn to fight for treatments, and appreciate the journey. My chronic journey has shown me how blessed I am to be sick.

While it seems absolutely crazy to feel blessed to be sick and in pain, I am.

Handsome hubby and I have grown closer. We’ve learned and felt unconditional love. I’ve learned I’m never to old to need my grandma and mom.

My mom selflessly gave me critter (Abby) to comfort and love me.

While searching for a medical history I meet my dad, 2 sisters, and his side of the family after 25 years estranged. I was able to get to know my dad’s mom, grandma, before she passed.

I’ve learned to not be embarrassed to ask for help.

I’ve learned empathy for those suffering.

I’ve learned to feel and express my emotions both good and bad.

I’ve learned to appreciate access to health care and caring nurses.

I’ve learned to find happiness in the littlest things.

I’ve learned to be assertive.

I’ve learned it’s not all about vanity.

I’ve learned to truly love following my passion for science.

I’ve become content with my life and look forward to all that’s in store for handsome hubby and I.

Getting sick with complex regional pain syndrome, raynaud’s syndrome, and sicca syndrome that may be early Sjögren’s syndrome has blessed me. I challenge all my fellow crps warriors and spoonies to find what blessings your disease has brought into your life.

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