I had the lovely opportunity to collaborate with FindMeCure Foundation and International Alliance of Patients’ Organization (IAPO), both from across the pond in London, to shared my short and sweet clinical trial experience in a webinar.

The webinar aimed to bring understanding of the complexity of clinical trials to patients and to let those with illnesses out there know there are developing treatments/clinical trials as options. Speakers Deidre and Maya explained more about the clinical trial process and the possible benefits of participating in one.

webinar speakers-blog

As a patient having participated in a clinical trial, I shared my background with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) diagnosis, clinical trial experience, and how I’ve been since my clinical trial around 40:00.


FindMeCure Foundation seeks to connect patients with treatments in development and clinical trials. The foundation also woks with the patient to be informed and mentored throughout the sometimes scary process are clinical trials.

I also can’t stress the HUGE resource that is FindMeCure Foundations’ blog. There are articles explaining the defining clinical language, stages of clinical trials, side effects of medications, healthy living, and other patients’ stories.



3 thoughts on “How to Benefit from Clinical Trials|Full Webinar|

    1. Head over to findmecure.com to see if they can get you hooked up with a clinical trial that could benefit you! I’ve loved collaborating with Find Me Cure! I can tell you from what I’ve experienced and see they truly care for each of their patients 💜


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