Living with CRPS is uncomfortable to say the least. Having the most painful condition known to the medical community and being in pain constantly is taxing.

Distraction and doing hobbies I enjoy can help take my mind off the pain. Here’s a list of my current comforts. These comforts have been especially important to me as I have been going through a medical interaction known as Serotonin Syndrome.

My Current Comforts I’m Seeking Daily


My Support System:

Including so many of my friends that have become family. And family that has become so much closer. They are no less significant by not being pictured or mention individually as each holds a special place in my life and heart as you help me on my health journey.



{Fav: The Garden; Basically the Whole Album!}                               {Fav: Even If}


{Fav: You Say}                                                                                       {Fav: Rise, Masterpiece}

                                                                        *Side note:  @dannygokey ‏ on Twitter is bomb


{Fav: Hills and Valleys}

If not fans of Christian music (it’s okay! We aren’t all and somedays I’m definitely not either)


 {Fav: Gasoline, Castle; Basically Whole Album}                    {Fav: 100 Letters, Bad at Love}

{Fav: Everything T-Swizzle}                                                       {Fav: Worst in Me}

{Fav: Listening to Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth}

Netflix Series:


I implore you to make your own list or find your own comforts for situations that may arise in your chronic journey.

-I don’t have many spoons left, but sending them your way to ease your pain today

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