Christmas is exhausting even if you are not chronically ill. Here are my tips for surviving the holidays without using all your spoons!

* Accept help! With decorating, food prep, hosting, gift shopping, rides…just ALL of it! Now is not the time to let your pride waste spoons.

* Schedule USPS to pick up your Christmas cards (who knew this was even a thing?!)


* Use pre-addressed or photo Christmas cards so all you have to do is stick the stamp on. Or forgo the Christmas cards all together. (It will be tossed in the trash after December.) Call family and friends to personally wish a happy holiday.

* Plan ahead. Start your gift shopping, decorating, and Christmas card sending early. (On days of extra spoons buy that gift in April for your sister to save spoons in December.)

* Bake your Christmas cookies ahead of time on a good/low pain day. Only make 1 recipe instead of over extending yourself with a whole baking day.

* Freeze your homemade cookies or food to thaw before Christmas. Or buy store made goodies to save those spoons!

*Offer to buy utensils and plates instead of bringing a dish to the potluck.

* Pace yourself and stretch out the holidays. No one says you can’t decorate a few minutes each day. (The crazies like me start after Halloween, slowly adding more as Christmas approaches!)


* Leave up your decorations all winter. That warm Christmas tree glow can be magical in the winter months. (Tip: opt to decorate with snowflakes and snowman instead of Santa to help to stay in theme.)

* Be those people. Leave those outdoor Christmas lights up. A white set can be garden lights if used on fences, trees, decks, balconies, or even your roof.


Christmas and the winter holidays are a time that should be enjoyed by all. Don’t waste your spoons by feeling obligated to do everything.

Wishing you a Christmas with many spoons!

2 thoughts on “A very spoonie Christmas

  1. Beautiful trees! Do you really have three different, perfectly decorated trees with all gifts wrapped and bowed and gorgeous? Now I am tired ; ) Love getting the updates. Gentle hugs and belly rubs to you, Taylor, and Abbi. (FYI—The belly rub is for Abbi)


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