You are in the hospital to heal…take the time to heal.

This year I’ve had more than my fair share of hospitalizations. I’ve compiled my guide for your next stay.

1) don’t be afraid to ask for pillows, blankets, water, medication

2) find comfy bed position

No matter how many buttons you have to push, take the time to get comfy in your hospital bed.

3) bring something or have something comforting from home brought for you

4) don’t feel obligated to have visitors

Now is your time to heal. Do what is BEST FOR YOU.

5) if IV site starts to hurt inform nurses right away

It could be a simple fix such as changing the adhesive or getting a new IV site. Regardless it’s not worth sitting in pain or discomfort as sore IV sites could be from something serious such as a blown vein.

6) sleep

Take the time to rest. If you are a light sleeper headphones and sleep masks are your friends as nurses, doctors, environmental cleaning staff will be in and out all times of the day and night. If you need sleep meds don’t hesitate to ask.

7) try comfy clothes or pjs instead of hospital gown if possible

I prefer to wear my own pajamas or lounge clothing during extended hospital stays as it brings me comfort both emotionally and physically.

8) if you know an admission is on the horizon or a possibility given your condition pack a “go bag” just in case

As much as I love handsome hubby I prefer to not leave picking out clothing to him. We both know where my go bag is in my closet just in case. I suggest using travel sized toiletries as they take up less space and you don’t have to pack your normal, daily toiletries.

9) don’t feel back calling for a nurse, they are there to care for you

10) don’t turn down medicines if you need them, now is not the time to be “tough”

You are in the hospital to heal and/or receive treatment. Take the time to heal.


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