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When I was first diagnosed with a rare disease other spoonies’ blogs helped me far beyond the doctors’ office. Blogs from other warriors taught me about my disease, life hacks for daily living, and helped me cope with my diagnosis. I created to positively impact others’ lives as mine had been by others’ blogs.

Living undiagnosed.

When you have a name for the disease that is taking away your “normal” it gives you the ability to cope, some hope for treatment or a cure, and eventually a sort of peace I have lived undiagnosed before when I was on my CRPS journey so you would expect it to be easier the…

Late but still merry and bright.

In the M household we are still celebrating the birth of our Savior with shiny ornaments, bright lights, and Christmas music all the day. We are waiting on our Wisconsin winter to arrive. In case you have not kept up with the Wisconsin weather (and I wouldn’t expect you to) it was 50F on Christmas…

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